Decal Application

Thank you for purchasing your waterslide decals from Decal Jungle, we are certain you will be happy with your purchase. To let you know, the decal design is on a very thin but durable film, and is waterproof and UV resistant. You can finish it with a clear lacquer (we highly recommend Tester’s Dullcote, available at most hobby stores) to fully protect the decal. Please note you must use this on a headstock that has been previously lacquered, NOT ON BARE WOOD! Once the surface of the headstock is prepared, trim the decal with scissors as required. Next, place the decal in a shallow bowl of lukewarm water (not hot). Dip your finger in the water and lightly touch the whole area of the headstock where the decal is going to be applied, as this helps with positioning the decal so you get it exactly where you want it, this will let it slide around easily before it “grabs” in place on the headstock. After about 20-30 seconds, the backing paper should be moveable relative to the decal. Place the decal and backing on the headstock roughly where you intend it to go. Place a finger on one end of the decal and slowly and very gently slide the backing paper out and away at the other end. At this stage the decal should still be movable. Now position it exactly were you want it, and VERY gently dab with some tissue to absorb the excess water, or you can use the end of a clean cotton swab to gently remove any water bubbles that may be under the decal, working from the center of the decal outwards. You can also remove any bubbles by holding it securely at one end and VERY gently dabbing away from where you are holding it with some soft tissue. Be careful not to rub too hard at this stage or you could damage the film and lettering, please be gentle. It will be fairly well dried and adhered to the guitar within an hour, but please wait at least 24 to 48 hours before lacquer finishing. Two to three THIN coats of lacquer are enough to seal the design to your instrument, but it is a good idea to leave approximately one hour in between coats, then leave a further 24 hours before lacquering with more thin coats. You can then gradually increase the thickness of the lacquer coats to your preference. Always remember to allow time in between coats for the lacquer to dry. Now ENJOY YOUR NEW DECAL!!!

In addition to musical instruments, waterslide decals can be applied to:

Guitar Effects Pedals, Amplifiers, Ceramics, Woods, Mirrors, Wall Tile, Pool Cues, Glassware, Baseball Bats, Bird Feeders, Golf Clubs, Fiberglass Showers, Boats, Air Craft, Model Air Planes, Ceramic Plates, Motorcycles, Helmets, Hockey Sticks, Cigarette Lighters, Stainless Steel Travel Mugs, Point-of-Purchase Displays, Cameras, Cell Phones, Auto & Bicycle Restoration Projects, Buses, Golf Carts, Home Furnishings, Sporting Goods, Eye Glasses, Painted Surfaces, Powder Coated Stainless Steel, Marble, Glass, Plastics, Fiberglass, Leather, Tennis Rackets, Cricket Bats and MUCH MORE!
*When applying to leather, use a few drops of white glue mixed in a small bowl of lukewarm water